Catholic Silver Cross

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Welcome to Our Exquisite
Hand Made Silver Sculpture Gallery

Thank you for your interest in viewing our unique Catholic collection of sterling silver crosses. This collection is one of a kind. The crosses were designed and sculpted by Roland Serna, an architect and bronze sculptor who has been professionally active for over 30 years and his wife Nadia Serna who has successfully specialized in creating unique fine metal and stone jewelry for over 20 years.

Each cross is a sculpture produced through the lost wax process. The high relief on each cross projects out to form an actual sculpture. These crosses are not manufactured by being mechanically stamped out in a mass production line. The crosses are each hand crafted with great care in each step of their fabrication. They are cast in solid sterling silver. They are not made out of pewter and coated with a silver plating. The crosses are distributed directly by the artists and is each stamped with the copyright symbol.

Please feel free to take a virtual tour of our site and shop online. Be sure to add us to your favorite web sites. We are constantly adding new creations to our collection. We would also appreciate your thoughts and questions regarding our crosses and the manufacturing process of these. Your suggestions and ideas will help us to continually improve our collection.

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