Catholic Silver Cross

Crucifixion Triptych


Item: C-16
Thickness: 1/16"
Width: 1 3/16"
Height: 2"

Cross Of Caravaca

In spoutheastern Spain, in the region of Murcia in the then Moorish kingdom of Granada, a miracle occured in 1231. The Moorish Emir Ceyt Abuceyt ordered the local priest Fr. Gines Chirinos to perform the Mass so that he might witness what it entailed. The Emir provided Fr. Chirinos with the altar, candles, etc. but not the crucifix. Fr. Chirinos prayed to God for help. To the amazement of all the crucifix was brought into church by two angels. The miraculous appartion of this cross brought about the conversion of the Moorish Emir to Christianity.

To this day the people of the Village of Caravaca celebrate this miracle in the May festivals in honor of the Blessed and Vera Cruz (True Cross). All citizens participate in these celebrations and visitors are warmly welcome to join in the festivities.

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