Catholic Silver Cross

Crucifixion Triptych


Item: C-14
Thickness: 3/16"
Width: 1-1/2"
Height: 2-3/16"

Assumption Cross

(Baroque Style)

Christ had already said to his mother, “come to me, that you m ay be crowned”.

She had answered him, “behold, i am coming. For it is written of me that i am to do your will, my god, and my spirit rejoices in you, the god of my salvation”.

This cross is in the baroque style showing the images in a miniature retable. It represents in a high relief sculpture a tribute to our lady’s assumption into heaven. She is accompanied by angels some who are shown revering her. Others are in flight accompanying her to our Lord’s presence. This portrayal of our lady and angels reminds that our heavenly mother is also known as “Our Lady Of The Angels”.

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