Catholic Silver Cross

Crucifixion Triptych


Item: C-09
Thickness: 3/32"
Width: 1-3/16"
Height: 2"

Crucifix Of Lamentations

The “crucifix of lamentations” shows in its center the crucified Christ. On the cross’ left arm is the Madonna and Christ child. On the right arm is the “Pieta”. These two images show Jesus’ life beginning and end on earth. The two scenes portrayed below the crucified Christ are those of grieving Angels. The scene above the crucifixion is that of the Holy Spirit. Behind tee Holy Spirit is a large halo–representing god the father.

Located at the intersection of the cross’ arms with the vertical part of the cross are four round projections. In historical crosses these projections would be a represention of the nails on the cross.

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