Catholic Silver Cross

Crucifixion Triptych


Item: C-04
Thickness: 3/32"
Width: 1-7/16"
Height: 2-1/2"

Christos Pantocrator

(Christ ruler and judge of heaven and earth)

The byzantine style Pantocrator is represented with our lady the virgin and angels. After the ban of the 8th century against portraying religious images ended religious portraits rendered in painting and mosaics was encouraged. In byzantine a pictorial style emerged that was subtle blend of the painterly and formalistic byzantine style. Variations of the byzantine style appeared widely through out the Mediterranean, the Agean, the Balkans and including Russia.

The magnificent wall paintings in fresco and mosaic became an integral part of the architecture of Byzantine style churches. In the cross here rendered the image of the “Christos Pantocrator” is inspired from the apse of the royal church Basilica of Monreale, Sicily. In this Basilica’s apse the image of our Lord is the focus point even at the entrance of the building and is seen looming in full beauty and regal power.

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