Catholic Silver Cross

Crucifixion Triptych


Item: C-03
Thickness: 3/32"
Width: 1-7/16"
Height: 2-1/2"

Christ Enthorned

The cross’ image is that of the risen Christ enthroned. It based on the tympanum of the central portal of the church of the Madeleine located in Vezelay, France. The church was built between 1120-1132 and is in the Romanesque style. The icon represents Christ’s foretelling that the apostles would receive the power of the Holy Spirit and become witnesses of the truth of the gospels throughout the world as written in Holy Scripture (acts 1:4-9). Vezaley is closely associated with the crusades than any other church in Europe. Pope urban ii had intended to preach the first crusade in 1095, 30 years before the tympanum would be carved. In 1146 ST. Bernard preached the second crusade and king Luis vii of France took up the cross, and it was that in 1190 in Vezaley that king Richard the lion-heart of England and king Philip Augustus of France set out on the third crusade. It was believed at the time that crusades were a kind of second mission of the apostles to convert the “infidel”.

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